Italian shoes: men's and women's trends

Italian shoes: men's and women's trends

Shoes define and embellish every outfit. They are a beloved and indispensable accessory in the wardrobe of men and - above all - women.
Fashion dictates new trends every season and, of course, 2023 is no exception!
Whether purchased in physical shops or online, shoes give an extra touch to your outfit. 
That's why it's important to choose the ones that go best with your outfit and make you feel comfortable. Let's discover the trends of 2023!

Trend shoes in 2023

Comfortable shoes, flat shoes, heels or eccentric shoes, moccasins or trainers; shoes in classic nuances or extravagant colours; shoes for casual, elegant or sporty outfits; shoes for slimming, being comfortable or for practising sport. The types of footwear that can be worn are many and meet the needs of even the most demanding person. 
Here are the trendy models in 2023 for women relating, of course, to the autumn-winter and spring-summer season.

  1. Boots in different colours and models. Cuissardes, texan boots or camperos; butter-coloured boots or, vice versa, in strong colours; combat boots or kombat boots; riding boots.
  2. Bikers;
  3. Pumps whit square toe; pumps and sling backs with kitten heel;
  4. Brogues in classic or bold colours; lace-up brogues or brogues with double buckles; brogues with heels or comfortable heels.
  5. Moccasins in black or shiny brown leather;
  6. Mary Jane shoes for a collegiate, bon ton feel;
  7. Nude effect or naked shoes;
  8. Gladiator sandals; 
  9. Trainers;
  10. Summer boots (also knee-length models with sharp points in knit or denim).

Men's fashion, on the catwalk, offers amphibians, ankle boots, chelsea boots but also 'unusual' footwear such as leather sabots or pointed boots.
Watch out: on the spring-summer catwalks were introduced men's shoes with heels.

Men's shoes

How to choose the right shoe

Shoes are an accessory you cannot do without. The right shoe should be chosen taking into account the style, the preferences, the outfit and the occasion in which the person is wearing it. 
Another aspect not to be missed is the fit of the shoe. The foot must be comfortable.

Wome's shoes

Pay attention to heels too! The latter could cause health problems for legs and back. It is advisable to use them on certain occasions and, if you really can't do without them, opt for heels that are no higher than 4 cm. 

Campese Shoes follows the trends

Campese Shoes is always in line with trends in the footwear world. 
Campese's men's and women's shoes are in line with the fashion that dictates the season's trends every year.

Scarpe donna Campese

The women's collection, refined and elegant, offers fashionable types of shoes.
The men's collection offers moccasins, lace-ups, chelsea boots, monkstrap and the ever-present trainers.
A shoe for every occasion with the style, elegance and craftsmanship that distinguish Campese.

Campese Shoes Men