A shoe for every season: the trends of 2023

A shoe for every season: the trends of 2023

The right shoe revolutionises any outfit. That's why it's important to find out which trends are relevant for 2023.

Women's fashion: the shoe trends for 2023

In 2023, those who want to follow the trends cannot miss out on at least eight types of footwear:

  1. trainers
  2. pumps
  3. brogues
  4. sandals
  5. wedges
  6. flats
  7. moccasins
  8. boots

In physical shops or on e-commerce, the shoes for the spring-summer season are already winning everyone's hearts. Let's find out what this season's trends are, but let's go a step further to see which models really can't be missed in the 2023/2024 autumn-winter season. Trainers will always be popular, but more original. The new collections will include models with vintage or retro details, chunky models, platform trainers but also classic running models.

Naturally, sandals are unmissable. From minimal to casual, this type of footwear encompasses a varied choice of models: wedge sandals (in PVC and leather), ugly sandals, slave sandals, crab sandals, strappy sandals and denim sandals (from platform models to flats).

Regarding wedges, the trend concerns slim wedges, which seen from behind appear to have a cubic heel, but when the foot turns, the structure completely attached to the sole is visible. This trend affects various footwear models: sandals, mules, pumps but also boots and ankle boots. High heels remain a timeless classic with interesting details: stilettos, block heels, decorated with studs or buckles.

Good news for those who can't do without the practicality of Ballerina shoes: they are confirmed as indispensable footwear for the spring season. Ballerina shoes with Mary Jane straps, slingback models, in leather or embellished with rhinestones and pearls.

Moccasins will also play an important role in footwear fashion, again in various types and different materials. From leather or suede moccasins to those with a platform, narrow toe and track sole.  A varied range of proposals, therefore, for the spring-summer season.

Autumn-winter 2023: the trends

Autumn-winter 2023/24 will bring many novelties to the world of shoes, with trends ranging from the most classic to the most innovative and original models.  Boots, of course, will be the must-have of the season in many variations. One of the top models will be the over-the-knee boot, which promises to be a true evergreen. 

This model is perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their look, but also for those who prefer a more casual style. Naturally, there will be boots with elongated toes (cowboy style) or ankle boots with a stiletto heel or enriched with details such as studs and buckles.

Men's shoe trends

Nowadays, more and more men are choosing to look good in their outfits that enhance their figures. Footwear, therefore, seeks to meet men's needs and tastes.  In 2023, trends in men's footwear place great emphasis on:

  1. trainers 
  2. elegant high-soled shoes
  3. amphibians
  4. chelsea boots

 A focus on trendy men's shoes

Black and white trainers will be the most widely used in men's fashion and a must-have in every season. For occasions requiring an elegant shoe, on the other hand, the designers have come up with a classic type of shoe but with a thick sole. Amphibians have a special place in men's fashion 2023 while chelsea boots regularly appear on the catwalks and are a must-have. Thus, men's fashion is also increasingly attentive to the needs of end consumers. A foretaste: trend shoes in 2024 The fashion industry is constantly evolving and trends change from year to year. But what will the shoes of 2024 have in store for us? Here's a sneak peek at what the trendy shoes might be next year. One of the trends that looks set to last for the next few years is trainers, but cuissardes and slim wedges won't go away either.

One interesting novelty, however, concerns a trend that is already present in 2023: sustainable shoes. More and more companies and fashion houses are focusing on sustainable footwear. Trying to reduce environmental impact and using eco-friendly materials as well as sustainable production processes. Apparently, 2024 will be full of interesting surprises in the world of footwear.

Campese Shoes: a shoe for every season 2023

Shoes made in Italy are on trend in spring-summer and autumn-winter fashion in 2023. Campese Shoes, with its shoes made of genuine leather, has the right shoe for every occasion. The leather moccasins in classic but also bolder colours are perfect for those who love elegance without foregoing trends.

The same goes to trainers also present in interesting colour combinations such as yellow and brown.

Not to be missed are the sandals: perfect models and nuances for this 2023 season which is full of novelties not to be missed.