Campese made in Italy: handcrafted shoes and bags

Campese made in Italy: handcrafted shoes and bags

In the fashion industry, Made in Italy merchandise mark is always a guarantee.
Wearing clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags made by Italian craftsmen is synonymous with style, elegance, sophistication.

The materials used

The quality of the materials used is essential because it turns an artisanal product into a masterpiece. Unique, different from mass-produced products.

The best Italian handmade shoes possess the following strengths: quality materials, craftsmanship, attention to detail.

The master craftsmen pay great attention to materials and their origin.

Generally, leather is used for the upper and leather, which makes the walk more natural, for the sole. 

Leather is also mainly used for handcrafted bags.

The type of leather that will be chosen depends on the model of shoe or bag that will be made, its utility, its final cost. 

The latter varies depending on the animal origin, the type of tanning used, the treatments, much more.

The workmanship of Made in Italy bags and shoes

Craftsmanship immediately recalls workshops. 

Small workshops where you can breathe in the smell of leather and admire those gestures that have nothing to deal with industrial production.

Buying a handcrafted product is an added value because it is the result of painstaking work, dedication, and patience. The result of passion.

How is a made in Italy shoe created?

There are three stages involved in the creation of an artisan shoe:

  1. the design phase in which the creative choices are established;
  2. the choice of leathers and/or other materials to be used;
  3. production phase.

The latter comprises a series of precision work entrusted to the skills acquired by craftsmen.

The assembly and fastening (or finishing) operations consist of the fitting of all the parts of the shoe to the sole with the relevant stitching and in the painting and polishing of the shoes.

The craftsmanship is certainly longer, because the final production of the product takes its time. Precisely for this reason, Campese shoes have production times of around 15 days.

How is a made in Italy bag created?

After defining the model to be made, each component of the bag is drawn and then cut out on a  pattern. The type of leather or any other fabrics to be used is linked to the part of the bag: bottom, sides, faces...

The bag is then assembled by gluing or sewing its components and then any elements that will enrich it are added: rhinestones, studs, designs...

This work also requires a great deal of precision to deliver quality products to the end user. This is why Campese bags have a production time of around 15 days.

Why choose handcrafted Campese Shoes and bags


Campese has been a guarantee of quality craftsmanship since 1976. Shoes, bags, accessories are made of genuine leather by master craftsmen who create one-of-a-kind pieces with great passion and expertise

All Campese men's and women's shoes and bags are the result of careful craftsmanship that ensures unique products. Elegant. Refined and, above all, of excellent quality.