Men's and women's shoes to always be fashionable

Men's and women's shoes to always be fashionable

Shoes mirror the style and personality of men and women. Chosen according to the outfit or the events at which they can be worn, shoes can also reveal many details about the personality of the wearer.

Comfort in step with fashion

Men and women are looking for comfort for every occasion, without foregoing the trends of the season. Choosing shoes is an important commitment to one's body, an act of love towards oneself. Women, for example, are looking for lightweight, soft-soled shoes that are perfect for all-day comfort on their feet.

Men, on the other hand, prefer trainers. A guarantee for every moment of the day, versatile and never predictable shoes.

Trend shoes autumn/winter 2023/2024
The colours proposed by the autumn/winter 2023/2024 trends are white and black, shades suitable for both men and women.

Loafers, mules, trainers are the shoes worn by men and women to follow the most common trend launches.


Men's fashion autumn/winter 2023/2024

Moccasins, a must-have in the men's shoe cupboard, a classic icon but never dull. 


Sneakers are timeless shoes, designed not only for purely sporty use, but also under rather formal clothes, suitable, for example, for work in the office or an evening outing. Men prefer them because they are comfortable and suitable for various outfits.

On the other hand, mules, similar to slippers that leave the heel uncovered, are special shoes that give a touch of originality and style even to men's outfits.

Women's fashion autumn/winter 2023/2024
A shoe that is coming back into fashion for women wardrobe is the ballerina. This season it has a variable heel and comes in different types, e.i. in satin, with a thin strap, suitable for an elegant evening.

Women's mules are also on trend. The combinations that can be made are varied, from jeans to skirts, just remember to leave the ankles clearly visible.
New York Fashion Week has also proposed high boots for women because they were made of woven leather to give the idea of barbed wire.

Irony and minimalism, the latter with the use of vinyl leather for more basic looks, are the styles that characterise the shoes launched by the autumn/winter 2023/2024 fashion.


Campese with autumn/winter fashion 2023/2024

Campese Shoes is always in line with trends in the footwear world. 

Campese's men's and women's shoes are in line with the fashion that sets the season's trends every year, offering handcrafted shoes that express elegance and originality.

Also for the autumn/winter 2023/2024 season, Campese has models that follow the trends such as, for example, men's derbies and, for women, office shoes.

The men's derbies are in genuine black leather/cocco blue, for an accentuated ethnic and modern style, characterised by a square toe and black leather sole.

Women's multicoloured leather office shoes with studs on the toe and a golden heel are perfect for adding a touch of originality and elegance to one's daily outfit.